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Published: Dec 05, 2021
PowerShell was something I didn't really give much consideration to when it first arrived on the scene. It seemed a little bit of overkill compared to existing tools and required a whole new language and way of thinking (pipes versus processes).

For this reason I now have to apologise to PowerShell and point out that I vastly underestimated it as a technology and now I find myself more and more frequently turning to it when I need to get jobs done.

Therefore I figured it needed its own blog.

Within my career as a SQL Server Database Administrator and Developer I've come to rely on automations which SQL Server simply won't allow (well, it will but we all know we shouldn't really have xp_cmdShell turned on).

PowerShell has become my go to tool for automation in respect to so many things... file moves, test harnesses, backups, restores... the list is endless.

And, as with other technologies that aren't SQL Server, I've found myself time and again searching Google for the answers to something I already knew but couldn't remember. And hence I thought I would start a blog in order to document all my PowerShell scripts and some of the techniques I've been using and continue to learn.

Hopefully my ramblings will help other people as well as I add to this in the future.

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I am a SQL Server DBA, Architect, Developer, Trainer, and the owner and CEO of Kutech. This blog has been going for nearly 10 years now over several guises and this is its new home. I hope you find it useful whatever your endeavour.


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