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Our core staff have been with the firm since its inception and are incredibly experienced and trained to the highest standards and levels within Microsoft SQL Server.

As a company we never take on more than we can handle to ensure that you get the very best service possible at all times. We endeavour to integrate into your firm so that you are properly supported rather than dealing with a large, faceless support organisation. We ensure that each and every employee has a deep knowledge of SQL Server internals, performance, architecture, and its operation in real world scenarios, is Microsoft Certified in SQL Server, and has trained at the highest levels under the tutelage of SQLSkills.com*

Kevin Urquhart
Kevin Urquhart
CEO and Lead Consultant

Not just the founder of the company, Kevin has over 20 years' experience with SQL Server and a love of the product which leads him into the depths of its internals, usage, and the ability to get every ounce of performance out of SQL Server installation. He is certified many times over in all facets of the software including being the first ever recipient of the SQLSkills blackbelt certification.

Aiman Hassanyeh
Aiman Hassanyeh
Director of Database Administration

Aiman has been a Production DBA since 2007, having started off in the not for profit sector before moving into financial services. Therefore he has extensive real world experience of the product in all its guises across numerous industries, implementations, and sizes of SQL Server estate. It is this extensive knowledge that he uses to full effect within Kutech leading our DBA Team.

Michelle Urquhart
Michelle Urquhart
Director of Operations

Michelle is in charge of our back office activities having spent many years working as a PA alongside the directors of some of the UK's largest firms such as Barclaycard and Virgin. She now utilises her years of PA and admin experience to run a tight ship within the firm, enabling others to provide training and support to their clients without worrying about marketing, financials and paperwork.

Our Experience

We are proud to present a selection of the verifiable Acclaim badges we have been awarded for our depth of SQL knowledge and abilities, including the highest accolade that SQLSkills.com* awards, the SQL Server 2019 Blackbelt (which our owner, Kevin, was the first person ever recipient).

SQLSkills Blackbelt 2019
SQLSkills IEPT01 2019
SQLSkills IEPT02 2019
SQLSkills IEAzure 2019
SQLSkills IECAG 2019
SQLSkills IECS 2019
SQLSkills IEQS 2017
SQLSkills IEVLT 2017
Microsoft Database Developer 2016
SQLSkills IEPT01 2014
SQLSkills IEPT02 2014
SQLSkills IEHADR 2014

*SQLSkills.com is owned and run by Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp, two of the most renowned SQL Server experts, the former being the previous Head of the SQL Server Engine team at Microsoft who, alongside their team of experts, continue to train Microsoft employees in SQL Server alongside writing and co-authoring white papers for Microsoft on the software, its internals, usage, performance tuning, and its features.

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