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Our speciality is Microsoft SQL Server for all levels.


Are you just starting out, a little curious, or want to dip your toe into a new technology? These are for you.


If you already know the basics of SQL Server and wish to advance to the next level, we have you covered.


These are courses for the more hardcore SQL users. These are complete deep dives into the internals of the product.


Our most popular offering. Access for 12 months streaming of a purpose made and recorded training session.


This is a popular offering for those unable to travel. We can offer training held completely via Zoom or Teams.

In Person

Our most thorough training is done in person. This allows complete immersion and the best learning experience.

Beginner Courses

An Introduction to T-SQL

This course is for beginners, starting with a complete introduction to the basics before quickly progressing through to more complex structures. This provides a firm grounding in T-SQL querying, the confidence to perform basic data analysis and manipulation with T-SQL, alongside the creation of basic objects leading to the writing of good quality reusable and centralised code.

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DeliveryCourse TitleDurationCourse DatePriceBook Now
On DemandAn Introduction to T-SQL11 HrsN/A£395.00 Book Now
RemoteAn Introduction to T-SQL2 Days05 Jul 2021 £795.00 Book Now

Intermediate Courses

T-SQL For Developers

Application developers regularly have to interact with a SQL Server, both writing and generating T-SQL queries and procedures. Sadly, many find that this code lacks performance, however, this can nearly always be rectified with some basic SQL Server internals knowledge and T-SQL tricks and tips in order to troubleshoot queries and to write highly performant and re-usable code. This course provides all the information required to write T-SQL that will drastically improve an application's performance.

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DeliveryCourse TitleDurationCourse DatePriceBook Now
RemoteAccidental and Junior DBA2 Days19 Jul 2021 £795.00 Book Now
Accidental and Junior DBA

By the end of this course you will be able to confidently maintain and monitor SQL Server, alongside having a thorough understanding of disaster recovery, index maintenance, and baselining so that you can deal with any issues raised and remain calm and in control should a crisis ever arise. This information will be the underlying knowledge, not just to keep the lights on, but to build on when looking to improve and upgrade your career.

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DeliveryCourse TitleDurationCourse DatePriceBook Now
RemoteT-SQL for Developers2 Days23 Aug 2021 £795.00 Book Now

Advanced Courses

Deep Dive T-SQL Performance Tuning

This course is designed to provide all the information and skills needed to become a highly skilled SQL Server Developer. It covers everything from indexing and statistical estimation to complex query constructs, optimizer tricks, execution plan analysis, architectural guidance, and much more.

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DeliveryCourse TitleDurationCourse DatePriceBook Now
RemoteDeep Dive T-SQL Performance Tuning3 Days13 Sep 2021 £1195.00 Book Now
SQL Server Database Administration

This course aims to provide you with all the knowledge you need to be a specialist SQL Server DBA. It covers all the basics and essentials from disaster recovery and baselining through to server configuration, index maintenance, and high availability, but then pushes on to database design analysis and architecture (CDC, Temporal Tables, partitioning, and In-Memory optimisations).

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DeliveryCourse TitleDurationCourse DatePriceBook Now
RemoteSQL Server Database Administration3 Days04 Oct 2021 £1195.00 Book Now

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