Health Check

Let us delve into your SQL Server
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Health Check Service

SQL Server is a very intricate piece of software with countless settings and configuration values throughout the application which can impact your performance. We are please to offer our health check in order to guide you to these pain points and help resolve any issues.


We validate the configuration settings of not only the server but also each and every database.


Identifying your resource bottlenecks is a crucial step towards tuning your infrastructure.


Is your code running in the correct and best manner? We can tell if you have optimization issues.


A SQL Server needs maintaining and we ensure that you have all the bases covered correctly.

How It Works

Data Collection

We have specialised, custom written T-SQL code that we run within a PowerShell script. This allows us to both concisely execute our code as well as collating the results in a text format which we then collect and analyse. The T-SQL is designed to limit any impact on the server in question whilst running. Also note, we do now collect or process any personal or identifying information.


All our health checks are fully documented with graphical displays to back up any findings, annotations against all metrics, and a full write-up of every facet of your SQL Server. This includes highlighting areas of concern with suggested fixes and the exact reasons for those suggestions so that you can be sure you're getting the best and correct advise to apply to your individual circumstance.

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