Our Pricing

We ensure you get the very highest levels of expertise for a reasonable price.

Peer Reviewed

All assessments are peer reviewed post completion by our SQL Server experts to ensure only the most accurate of results.


Each candidate is represented solely by a number, only the client knows both the user's details and candidate identifier.

Sensible Charges

Charging only when a user takes their assessment, allowing you to keep registering candidates even after an offer has been made.

Time Saver

In the modern world products that saves you both time and money can be priceless. We aim to achieve both for all our clients.

Our Rates

£ 20 /Candidate
  • Online Assessment
  • 30 mins duration
  • Technical Test
  • Human Validated
  • Detailed Feedback
£ 50 /Candidate
  • In-person Assessment
  • 30 mins duration
  • Technical Test
  • Phonecall to candidate
  • Detailed Feedback
£ 150 /Candidate
  • In-person Assessment
  • 60 mins duration
  • Technical and Personal
  • Face-to-Face Interview
  • Detailed Feedback

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