Our Prices

Happy to be open and transparent
with our pricing

Our Pricing

We ensure you get the very highest levels of expertise for a reasonable price.

Subject Matter Experts

All our staff are at the pinnacle of their field having dedicated their careers to Microsoft SQL Server; it's implementation, usage, analysis, and internals of the product. All have trained at the highest level, including with those who both ran the SQL Server team and wrote large portions of the software at Microsoft, obtaining their highest possible certifications.

We provide the very best service and results for our customers time and time again.

Value For Money

With this in mind we value our services and time highly but understand that filling any gap in resource must be a financially prudent option. We believe we are competitively priced for our skillset and for such a short engagement.

Note that Consultancy should ideally be a 1 to 2 day engagement. If you are considering a longer engagement or project, please see our Support Services offering here.

Our Rates

Health Check
£ 195
  • Single Instance
  • £50 Additional Instance
  • Full Documentation
  • Actionable Results
Half Day
£ 500
  • 4 Hours Consultancy
  • Full Documentation
  • All Tasks Undertaken
  • Actionable Results
Full Day
£ 900
  • 7 Hours Consultancy
  • Full Documentation
  • All Tasks Undertaken
  • Actionable Results

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